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Comtesse de Kasara Regency

Day of Issue: December 22, 1997, at the Royal Sedang Post, Toronto, Canada.

Royalist Sedang issued a stamp to commemorate the Regency of the Comtesse de Kasara. The Comtesse became Regent Pro Tempore on June 14, 1997, after the former Prince Regent resigned to devote himself to historical research. The stamp was designed by Col. Derwin Mak. It shows the Sedang Kingdom flag on the front cover of Bulletin des Amis du Vieux Hué, Jan.-June 1927, the journal that published "Un aventurier du XIXe siècle: Marie Ier, Roi des Sédangs, a book-length article by Jean Marquet. The denomination is 50 centimes (purple).

The stamp was offset printed in sheets of 35 with two marginal inscriptions per sheet (at the top and bottom of the sheet). The stamp is imperforate. Cacheted first day covers showing the flag and a "First Day of Issue" cancellation were made.

Comtesse de Kasara Regency, 1997
Prices in:
mint stamp (50c)0.500.69
mint sheet of 35:17.5024.00
inscription block of 10 (specify top or bottom side):5.006.90
First day cover: cacheted, with First Day of Issue cancel0.751.00

Payment may be made in either U.S. or Canadian currency. Prices in Canadian dollars may fluctuate with the exchange rate. Please pay by cheque, money order or bank draft payable to Derwin Mak. Please include U.S.$2.00 for postage & handling.


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