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Jerusalem 3000th Anniversary Commemorative Cover

Jerusalem 3000th Anniversary Commemorative Cover

This Royal Sedang Post marks the 3000th anniversary of Jerusalem, holy city of three religions, by celebrating the connections between the Sedang nobility and Jerusalem. The Duke of Sedang arranged for five trees to be planted in the Toronto Community Forest at Yatir, Israel in June 1996 in honour of Charles-Marie David de Mayréna, who became Marie I, King of the Sedang. Some scholars believe that Marie I may have been descended from Spanish Jews, as his family’s original surname, David, implies. Marie I used the lion, symbol of King David, founder of Jerusalem, in the coat of arms of Sedang. Later, Marie I made Roman Catholicism to be the official religion of the Sedang Kingdom. Marie I converted to Islam near the end of his reign. Thus Marie I was connected to all three religions of Jerusalem. In addition, several Sedang nobles and royalists are knights of Crusader orders of chivalry. The commemorative cover has a cachet showing the crowned "M" cypher of Marie I in green (the Moslem colour) and the 1-piastre Heraldic Beasts stamp (lion) cancelled on November 11, 1996, the 106th anniversary of the death of Marie I.

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