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First Royal Sedang Airmail Covers: Toronto to Los Angeles to Toronto, August-September 1996

Flown on August 21, 1996 (Toronto to Los Angeles) and September 3, 1996 (Los Angeles to Toronto)

L.A. cover

The court of nobility of Sedang became the first nobles in exile to fly their own airmail, which was also Sedang’s first airmail. The first airmail of the Royal Sedang Post consisted of 150 covers flown aboard the airplanes used by the Duke of Sedang during his visit to California in August-September 1996. Each cover was backstamped on August 21, 1996 at the start of the Duke’s visit and was flown from Toronto to Los Angeles with the Duke on August 21. The covers travelled with the Duke to Anaheim, California, where U.S. stamps (the Year of the Rat issue) were affixed and cancelled with the special USPS cancellation used at the postal station at LACon III (World Science Fiction Convention). The LACon III cancellation was used by its postal station for only one day (August 30, 1996). The covers were flown from Los Angeles to Toronto with the Duke on September 3, 1996 and backstamped upon arrival in Toronto. The Sedang 1-piastre stamp was cancelled with a special cancellation commemorating the first airmail and the Duke’s visit to California. Only 150 covers were carried. Each cover is signed by the Duke and numbered on the reverse. These are important historical covers bearing scarce cancellations of two countries.

First Royal Sedang Airmail Cover, 1996
Issue Code: SC9601
Prices in:
First Royal Sedang Airmail Cover, numbered and signed3.504.90

First Royal Sedang Airmail Flight to Las Vegas, Nevada: December 15-22, 1996

Flown on December 15, 1996 (Toronto to Las Vegas) and December 22, 1996 (Las Vegas to Toronto).

LV cover

The first airmail of the Royal Sedang Post to Las Vegas consisted of 203 covers flown aboard the airplanes used by the Duke of Sedang during his visit to Las Vegas in December 1996. Each cover has the 1-piastre Heraldic Beasts stamp which was cancelled on December 15, 1996 for the flight from Toronto to Las Vegas. The covers received a second datestamp, December 22, 1996, after the flight from Las Vegas to Toronto. Each cover has a cachet commemorating the first Royal Sedang airmail to Las Vegas and is signed and numbered by the Duke of Sedang on the back.

Las Vegas First Flight Cover, 1996
Issue Code: SC9603
Prices in:
Las Vegas First Flight Cover, numbered and signed3.004.10

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